The Conscious Analytics System Laboratory


AAL Vizier

AAL Project (Jan 2017-Dec 2019)
Vizier aims to develop an innovative solution that serves as an intuitive and elderly-friendly interface to popular online services and IoT appliances to empower elderly users to fully benefit from the latest technological innovations to improve the management of their daily lives and to stay physically, mentally and socially active.


H2020 Project (May 2016-Apr 2020)
GEO-SAFE aims at creating a network enabling the two regions to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience , thus boosting the progress of wildfires knowledge and the related development of innovative methods for dealing efficiently with such fires.


CTI Project (May-2016-Nov 2017)
IDDASS aims to develop solution for interpreting the user’s behaviour during a shopping session in a physical store. IDDASS will be integrated in a loyalty application running on smartphones, and combine its data with the one coming from existing e-commerce statistical analysis tools.


AAL Project (Oct 2015-Sept 2018)
SmartHeat aims to provide a system that heats your home, room by room, based on the habitants’ habits and preferences. The objective is to reach 30% savings in energy consumption while providing the same comfort.


H2020 project (Feb 2015-Jan 2018)
The GrowMeUp Project aims to provide an answer to the demographic change challenge, by utilising an affordable service robotic system able to learn the older persons needs and habits over time and enhance (‘grow up’/scale up) its functionality.


FP7 project (Dec 2013-Nov 2016)
The main aim of the Miraculous-Life project is to design, develop and evaluate an innovative user centric technological solution, the Virtual Support Partner (VSP), attending to the elder (65+) daily activity and safety needs, while the elder goes about his normal daily life.


AAL project (May 2014-Oct 2016)
CogniWin is an innovative system supporting and motivating older adults that work on computerized activities to remain active and productive by providing personalized learning assistance and well-being guidance.


AAL project (Jun 2013-Nov 2015) CaMeLi is a project seeking to provide automated services with the purpose of assisting elderly people in their daily activities and assist in the provision of a comfortable quality of care.



A multi-disciplinary research lab
Insight and simulation of human behaviour

CASLab is part of the University of Geneva department Information Science Institute (ISI). We are active in research, technology watch, while working in the areas of Virtual Humans, Dialogue Management, Emotional intelligence, Emotion Recognition, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Human Computer Interaction, Robotics, Privacy and security aspects. Our current focus is on the computational modelling of emotions, personality, decision-making, episodic memory and other psychology and biology inspired components with the purpose of developing human-like behaviour for expressive virtual humans and social robots. In addition we also provide our expertise in the area of design, development and deployment of ICT-based solutions.

  • Ambient assisted living
  • Human behaviour modelling
  • 3D Virtual Environments
  • Internet of things


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Mehdi Snene

Lab Director
Senior researcher
Assistant professor, he has been active in IT security, risk management and financial systems continuity since 1999, and since 2006 in risk assessment modelling, predictive analytics and Knowledge pattern. He is the leader of the Conscious Analytics System Laboratory.
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Maher Ben Moussa

Project Manager
Senior Researcher
Manager of EU projects in CASLab and senior researcher in topics concern embodied conversational agents and social robotics, with the focus on emotion recognition, emotion expression, computational modelling of behavioural sciences theories and dialogue management.
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Niels Nijdam

Senior researcher
PhD in computer science from the University of Geneva, MIRALab. Expert in virtual reality, programmable graphics, collaborative systems and distributed network rendering. His interests range from computer graphics, augmented reality, 3D simulations to avatar systems.
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Anastasija Collen

R&D Engineer
PhD Candidate
She obtained MSc degree by research with a specialisation in Security and Cryptology at University Joseph Fourier and Grenoble Institute of Technology joint program. As an experienced R&D Engineer she focuses on the fields of HCI, Web, Mobile and IoT applications privacy and security.

Manel Sghir

Research assistant
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Marios Fanourakis

Research Assistant
PhD Candidate
He obtained his BSc degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he was heavily involved in robotics, designing control systems, and circuit boards at the university’s robotics team (Chicago EDT) and for Dr. Milos Zefran’s robotics in sensor networks utilizing ROS. He obtained his MSc degree at the University of California – Los Angeles, focusing on signal processing and analysis.

Assane Wade

Research assistant


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