March 6, 2017

Miraculous-LifeProject Name: Miraculous-Life (Miraculous-Life for Elderly Independent Living)

Funding ID: FP7-ICT-2013-10

Period: 01 December 2013 – 30 November 2016

Website: http://www.miraculous-life.eu/

Miraculous-Life ScreenshotThe main aim of the Miraculous-Life project is to design, develop and evaluate an innovative user-centric technological solution, the Virtual Support Partner (VSP), attending to the elder (65+) daily activity and safety needs, while the elder goes about his normal daily life. The VSP will provide implicit daily activities support which is based on behaviour and emotional understanding and appropriate respond exhibiting distinctive emotions, deliver in a human like way simulating in essence the interaction with a real life partner.
Specifically, the VSP fuses together user’s facial expressions, voice intonation, gestures and other contextual information of the user’s environment and provides intelligent responses and delivery of services through an Avatar-based interface exhibiting empathic respond through face emotions and voice intonations. Through an intelligent dialogue, and the use of different ICT services for elder home daily activities support and safety, the VSP stimulates and motivates the elder to act.
The validation of the system will be realised in two well selected use cases in two different countries. A minimum of 120 users (elderly people and their caregivers) will use the system over a six month period. The system will be delivered to the user in form of a stand-alone consumer product, operating on a scalable distributed network of interconnected tablet and Kinect devices, focusing on minimum essential personalised elder’s daily activities care support at home.
The system will provide benefits on a practical, psychological and social level enabling and motivating the elderly to remain longer active in carrying out their daily life at home prolonging thus their independence and improving their well-being.

CASLab’s Contribution:
In the Miraculous-Life project, CASLab has worked on the development of the behaviour and environment interpretation components and has developed

  • An activity recognition module, which is able to recognize low level activities such as laying, sitting, standing, walking, etc
  • An environment context analysis module, which is responsible for contextualizing the location of objects relative to each other
  • A behaviour and habit analysis module, which is responsible for analysing the activities of the user across time and detect the activity trends (ex. if they are doing less physical activities than they were doing in the past) and also correlate their emotions with their activities or interactions with the system

Furthermore, CASLab was responsible for the development of the interactive components that are able to facilitate natural interactions with the elderly user and to provide services to this user. The core components that are responsible for this interactive capabilities form together a framework that we call in this project “the dialogue management system”. The dialogue management system integrates several components for emotions, beliefs, natural language and action selection. Additionally, the Dialogue Management system of Miraculous-Life also consists of components that integrate ICT Services into the dialogues as well as a large plan library implementing the workflows.
Dialogue ManagerDialogue Manager


  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria)
  • University of Geneva (Switzerland)
  • University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
  • Zuyderland (The Netherlands)
  • Fraunhofer IGD (Germany)
  • Noldus Information Technology BV (the Netherlands)
  • Citard Ltd. (Cyprus)
  • Zoobe message entertainment GmbH (Germany)
  • La Maison de Retraite du Petit-Saconnex (Switzerland)